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CDOT’s Vision for the Future of Transportation – Transportation / Jan. 4, 2017

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is peering into the future with its RoadX vision of crash-free, injury-free, delay-free, and technologically-transformed travel in Colorado.

Sounds a bit “Jetsons-ish” (the 1960s animated sitcom of elaborate robotic contraptions, aliens, holograms, and whimsical inventions), but CDOT Director of the RoadX Program Peter Kozinski asserted to attendees of the Jan. 4, 2017 Transportation meeting that by 2021, fully autonomous vehicles will be a reality. Kozinski spoke of this and other disruptive technology being explored for the future of transportation.

What is disruptive technology? It’s defined as ground-breaking products that create completely new industries and jobs. For transportation, that includes electrification, diverse mobility, connectivity, autonomous driving, smart pavement, and creative bicycle and pedestrian options. CDOT’s RoadX vision embraces all of these, and is teaming with: Otto of Uber, to complete the world’s first self-driving truck for commercial delivery; international mapping firm HERE, to provide drivers with the most real-time data; global electronics producer Panasonic, to accelerate the advancement of autonomous vehicles; and Galvanize Learning Community, to create real-world change and inspiration for training, education, and access to talent.

“With the population in Colorado nearly tripling from 3.3 million in 1991 to an estimated 7.8 million in 2040, CDOT is exploring innovative solutions to the growing transportation needs,” said Kozinski. RoadX is about teaming with public and industry partners to make Colorado a model as one of the most technologically advanced transportation systems in the nation, as well as a leader in safety and reliability.

Take a look at the RoadX video – to see the future of transportation in Colorado.


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