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Diversity and Inclusion: What’s in it for Your Business – Diversity and Inclusion Council / August 11, 2017

There wasn’t a seat to spare at The Diversity and Inclusion (D/I) Council August 11 meeting.  Karen Hester, CEO of the Center for Legal Inclusiveness, and Larry Lee, partner/attorney with Fisher Phillips, LLP presented on a highly requested topic: “Diversity and Inclusion Management: What you need to know.”

Hester and Lee gave a very detailed presentation, including:  D/I workplace – how to boost your business; what is in it for you; how to embrace Diversity of Thought & Culture and how not being D/I can affect you and others.  They engaged the audience by discussing Conscious and Unconscious Bias and Workplace Discrimination, including strategies to individually minimize biases and strategies for the workplace.

The final topic was Liability in the Workplace, incorporating ways to avoid potential liability with pre-employment and hiring tools, reviewing job applications, and legal/illegal interview practices.

This month’s five-minute business introduction speaker was William Huffman, owner of Think Security, a cyber security services organization, and Chamber member since

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