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7/20 Memorial – Inspiring Strength and Resilience – Business for the Arts / September 4, 2018

The 7/20 Memorial was created as a space where the community and those impacted by the tragedy of July 20, 2012, can go to reflect and remember loved ones, gather strength, and feel peace or hope.

On September 4, 2018, the Business for the Arts committee toured the Memorial Garden with Heather Dearman, VP of the 7/20 Memorial Board, and Carina Banuelos-Harrison, City of Aurora Public Art Assistant. The group was given insight and background on how the plans for the memorial evolved, what it represents, and the selection process and details about the artwork.

The artwork, titled “Ascentiate,” was inspired by the “1000 Cranes for Aurora” that were sent to Aurora in 2012 from a community in Missouri. The artwork, by Douwe Blumberg, consist of 83 cranes – representing the victims and survivors of the 7/20 Theater tragedy. The 13 cranes in the center of the piece represent those whose lives were taken. It also represents the community and others affected, including first responders, community members, and loved ones.

Representatives of the Business for the Arts committee tour the 7/20 Memorial, located at East Alameda Parkway and Chamber Road in Aurora, CO.

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