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Brigadier General Ellen Moore on Women in the Military – Women in Business / October 24, 2017

The Women in Business committee had a very special presentation in October by Brigadier General Ellen Moore, Commander of Headquarters Air Reserve Personal Center on Buckley Air Force Base. Gen. Moore is responsible for personnel support to nearly 1.3 million Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, Active Duty Air Force, ensuring they are ready to deliver strategic Total Force war fighting capabilities for the Air Force. That number also includes retired members.

Gen. Moore talked about her life experiences, explained her current job and how she executes missions, and what it’s like be a high-ranking woman officer in the military. She calls her personal outlook on being in the military as the “Moore Perspective,” explaining she has not been affected in the military due to her gender. The military is structured with regulations and achievements that must be completed in order to be promoted, allowing an equal playing field for men and women and holding them to the same standards. She explained that she has never felt subject to targeting or misconduct in the workplace, and has always felt comfortable in her work environment.

Gen. Moore also discussed some issues she has faced in the military; similar to those faced by women outside the military. Her biggest being work-life balance, and that there never seem to be enough ours in a day. She has a daughter in high school – and does everything to support her, but often feels she can’t complete everything that needs to be done.

General Moore offered that women tend to take on more responsibilities at the micro level; concerned about the little things. She encourages women to work at a macro level when possible, focusing on the big picture.

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