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CCA Arts and Communications: Inspiration and Perseverance Thrive – Business for the Arts / February 6, 2018

The Arts and Communication Department at Community College of Aurora is another hidden gem of educational opportunity in the community, and on February 6, 2018, a large group of Chamber ‘arts enthusiasts’ were treated to breakfast and a broad overview of what’s happening within the walls of CCA’s Arts Building on the CentreTech Campus.

Offering degrees and certificates in Art, Communication, Music, Theatre, and Humanities, CCA’s Arts and Communication Department is busy, productive, and innovative – and the faculty and staff are engaging and engaged.

The well-choreographed presentation included Lynette Jachowicz, PhD, Chair of Arts and Communication; Kate O’Donnell, Lead Art Faculty; Jonah Skurky-Thomas, Art Faculty; Vicki Graham, Lead Communication Faculty; Stacy D-Angelo, Director of Theatre; and Michael Pickering, Director of Music.

Pickering walked attendees through what he referred to as the “Long Strange Trip It’s Been,” which refers to the academic process required to create and receive approval for a new program within the department. Pickering began with a vision for a Music and Entertainment Entrepreneurship Program in 2016, and is planning to roll the program out fall 2018.

His sound advice to all during such any long and complicated process is “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Dr. Jachozicz shared that the department is also interested in exploring engaging with the community through bringing in local artists to inspire and teach students, as well as finding internships for students with local businesses.

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