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At the Colorado National Guard – Defense Council / Oct. 27, 2016

October’s Defense Council was hosted by the Colorado National Guard at the Joint Forces Headquarters in Centennial. Major General Mike Edwards, Adjutant General for the State of Colorado, provided the host unit report.

General Edwards shared some of the incredible accomplishments of the Colorado Army and Air National Guard. He explained that The National Guard is unique compared to other reserve force components because of its dual state and federal missions and because more than two-thirds of its 5,500 members serve part-time. The National Guard supports both the State of Colorado and the nation by providing trained, well-equipped soldiers and airmen to augment the active force during national contingencies or war and provides state assistance during disasters, both natural and man-made.

Lt Col. Gregory Field, Combat Logistics Battalion 453, United States Marine Corps, thanked the Defense Council and the community for helping the Marine Corps Reserve secure a hanger for the Toys for Tot program.


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