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Legislative Update – Government Affairs, Education, and Energy / Feb. 2 & 16, 2017

The February Government Affairs meetings started with Legislators’ updates.  Sen. Nancy Todd (SD28) proposed bill SB17-038 – which seeks to certify home inspectors and be a first step towards protecting consumers from unqualified and fraudulent home inspectors.

Rep. Dominique Jackson’s (HD42) staffers Adrian Nava and Crystal Murillo reported on what Rep. Jackson is working on, including housing for the younger population and HB1035 – concerning allowing certain crime victims to break their rental agreements under certain circumstances.

The Chamber is supporting Senator Todd’s and Representative Jackson’s bills.

Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan gave an update on the City’s priorities for 2017, including construction defects and transportation. He also discussed progress on the construction of the Gaylord Hotel and VA Hospital.

The Chamber has taken positions on the following bills:

Support HB1001 – Employee Leave – to attend child’s academic activities

Monitor HB1119 – Payment of Workers Compensation Benefits

Support SB001 – Alleviate Fiscal Impact in State Rules for Small Business

Support HB1054 – Community – Military Cooperation

Support HB1056 – Criminal Sentencing Community Service for Veterans Organizations

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