Aurora Chamber of Commerce

Three hot issues on the Nov. 2015 ballot

The Aurora Chamber of Commerce is supporting a “Yes” on the following three November ballot measures:

Yes on 2J

A “Yes” on 2J would overturn a 199 City of Aurora Charter Election that disallowed the City from extending any city services or financial incentives to a stadium for motor sports facilities. A “Yes” on 2J will allow for the creation of a regional entertainment district for the City of Aurora.

Yes on 1A for DIA

A “Yes” on 1A would change the 1988 intergovernmental agreement about the development around DIA – establishing a regional entity to promote business opportunities on and around DIA, including important infrastructure.

Yes on BB

A “Yes” on Proposition BB allows the State of Colorado to keep tax monies from the marijuana industry tax, instead of refunding to Colorado residents and the Marijuana industry – per Tabor. Approval of Prop BB allocates $40 million for public school construction and $12 million for critical programs. If BB does not pass, marijuana tax revenue collected from the first full year of taxation would be refunded to the marijuana industry, and taxpayers would receive an approximated $8 tax refund.


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