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Using Census Data to Benefit Your Business – Diversity and Inclusion Council / August 10, 2018

The Diversity and Inclusion council hosted Kimberly Ann Davis, data dissemination specialist with the U.S. Census Bureau at the August Council meeting. Davis gave a detailed overview on how to pull specific census data, that can directly help benefit businesses. Small business owners and regional analysts can easily use key demographic and economic data in their research for opening new businesses or expanding existing ones. Kimberly shared stories of how this data can be useful; one example was an owner of a local bar.

The bar owner could pull unlimited data, including:

  • How many other bars are in the same area
  • What competitors pay their employees
  • How many people in that neighborhood consume beer vs wine/spirits
  • How many people in that neighborhood drink at home or prefer to go out
  • What is the average age of the population living around the bar (old enough to drink)

The bar owner is also able to pull this information if she is looking to add a second location. This is valuable information to determine where to locate a second bar.

Kimberly gave tips and tricks for beneficial searches including the American Community Survey. She discussed American Factfinder, Quickfacts, Census Business Builder and My Congressional District.

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