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Social Media Marketing 101 – Women in Business / Jan. 24, 2017

Jamie Alvarez of GBSM was the guest speaker at the January 24 Women in Business meeting. Alvarez specializes in social media marketing and shared some helpful pointers for a successful social media marketing campaign.

Although much social media seems to be about personal accomplishments or even political ideals, social media marketing is about promoting and highlighting products and services, and should be planned, implemented, and documented for results.

Alvarez began her presentation by sharing an outline of what needs to be done:

  • Frame your story
  • Identify your target audience
  • Establish your messaging and positioning
  • Map out your tactical implementation
  • Create a realistic timeline for your campaign

Alvarez spoke about the variety of social media platforms and the importance of differentiating personal vs. professional identities. She also discussed the importance of having a crisis management plan – for when things go wrong! Social media, like any other kind of communication, has the potential to backfire, so you have to be ready.

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