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Busy Legislative Session – Government Affairs, Education, and Energy / March 2, 2017

There’s so much going on with the Legislature, it’s difficult to keep up. From Construction Defect bills to waiting to see if there will be Federal transportation infrastructure dollars from the Federal Government, the Legislators have a lot on their plates.

Sen. Nancy Todd said that House bills are coming to the Senate faster this year, than in past years, and that the hot topics are construction defects, transportation, and healthcare.

Bills that The Chamber is either monitoring or have supported:

Labor and Employment

HB 1001     Buckner, Kerr

Employee Leave Attend Child’s Academic Activities (support)

HB 1119      Kraft-Tharp

Payment of Workers Compensation Benefits

HB 1214      Coleman, Tate

Encourage Employee Ownership of Existing Small Biz

SB 001        Neville, Neville

Alleviate Fiscal Impact on State Rules for Small Business (support)

SB 186         Tate, Carver, Lawrence

Reduce Regulatory Burden Rules On Businesses

Bill # TBD  Rep. Winter

Family Medical Leave Act

Bill # TBD  TBD

Ban the Box on Employment Applications

Veterans Affairs

HB 1054    Nordberg, Carver, Todd

Community-Military Cooperation (support)

HB 1056    Weissman, Kefalas

Criminal Sentencing Community Service for Veterans Organizations (support)

SB 028       Gardner, Nordberg

Healthy Families and Military Preparedness Act

SB 075       Crowder, Landgraf

Income Tax Deduction for Military Retirement Benefits

Economic Development

SB 045       Grantham, Williams, Duran, Wist

Construction Defect Claim Allocation of Defense Costs

SB 085       Zenzinger

Increase Doc Fee & Fund Attainable Housing

SB 155        Tate, Saine

Statutory Definition Of Construction Defect

SB 156       Hill, Wist

Homeowners’ Association Const. Defect Lawsuit Approval Times

SB 157       Williams, Melton

Const. Defect Actions Notice Vote Approval

Health Care

SB 088      Williams, Holbert, Van Winkle, Hooten

Participating Provider Network Selection Criteria




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