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Legislators’ Breakfast – Government Affairs, Education, and Energy / January 9, 2018

The annual pre-session Legislators’ breakfast was held January 9 at the Community College of Aurora.  The event hosted more than 100 attendees to meet and learn more about the Eastern Metro Legislators.  Government Affairs committee chair, Su Ryden, former House Representative and small business owner, began by introducing Mayor of Aurora, Steve Hogan and newly-elected Mayor of Centennial, Stephanie Piko.

Ryden then introduced present Senators and House Representatives, who each had an opportunity to speak about their plans for the upcoming session.  Legislators giving updates were: Senator Nancy Todd, SD28; Senator Rhonda Fields, SD29; Representative Mike Weissman, HD36; Representative Jovan Melton, HD41; Representative Dominique Jackson, HD42; and Representative Phillip Covarrubias, HD56. Top priorities discussed were transportation, healthcare and safety, along with other pressing issues such as veterans’ affairs, economic development, taxes, and labor and employment.

Legislators who were invited but could not be present are: Senator Dominick Moreno, SD21; Senator Kevin Priola, SD25; Senator Daniel Kagan, SD26; Senator Jack Tate, SD27; Senator Lois Clark, SD31; Representative Dafna Michaelson-Jenet, HD30; Representative Joe Salazar, HD31; Representative Andrienne Benavidez, HD32; Representative Cole Wist, HD37; Representative Polly Lawrence, HD39; and Representative Janet Buckner, HD40.

The breakfast was sponsored by the Community College of Aurora.

Legislators, left to right: Representative Phillip Covarrubias, HD56; Representative Dominique Jackson, HD42; Senator Nancy Todd, SD28; Representative Mike Weissman, HD36; Representative Jovan Melton, HD41; and Senator Rhonda Fields, SD29.

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