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And the Session has Begun: Legislative Updates – Government Affairs, Education, and Energy / January 18 and February 1, 2018

Throughout the legislative session, the Government Affairs, Education, and Energy committee meets twice a month on the first and third Thursdays, to keep the committee informed as new bills are frequently being introduced.

The Eastern Metro Legislators are invited to attend and provide updates on issues they are supporting. Representatives from Axiom Politics, the Chamber’s Lobbyist, also attends meetings, providing information and updates on existing bills and their current positions at the Capitol.

The committee is often advised by Axiom Politics, and will sometimes take positions on bills if there has been a motion to support or oppose.  The committee will then bring their position to The Chamber’s Board of Directors, to make the final vote.

To date, the committee has taken a position on three bills:

  • HB 1001 – OPPOSE – FAMLI Family Medical Leave Insurance Program
  • HB 1033 – SUPPORT – Employee Leave to Participate in Elections
  • HB 1178 – OPPOSE – Hold Colorado Governments Accountable Sanctuary Jurisdictions

The committee has also discussed and are monitoring the following bills:

  • HB 1060 Income Tax Deduction for Military Retirement Benefits
  • HB 1034 Career and Tech Education Grant Program
  • HB 1086 Comm. College Bachelor of Science Degree Nursing
  • HB 1007 Substance Use Disorder Payment & Coverage
  • HB 1009 Diabetes Drug Pricing Transparency Act
  • HB 1067 Right to Rest Act
  • SB 157 Colorado Women’s Veterans Act
  • SB 007 Affordable Housing Tax Credit
  • SB 001 Transportation Infrastructure Funding
  • SB 015 Protect Homeowners & Deployed Military

To learn more about these bills visit the Axiom Politics bill tracking site at


The Government Affair, Education, and Energy Committee is sponsored in part by Pinnacol Assurance.

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