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Better Transportation, Better Colorado: DRCOG and Legislative Updates – Transportation / February 7, 2018

With continued economic growth and the growing population, Transportation has become a hot topic in Colorado. Granted that all of the other issues, including healthcare, housing, jobs, etc. are also of great importance – but how do we ‘get to’ all of these other priorities? Transportation.

At the February 7, 2018 Transportation meeting, attendees were updated on the broad reaching transportation-related efforts and issues facing Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) and The Colorado Legislature in 2018.

DRCOG representatives Celeste Stragand, Regional TDM Program and Marketing Manager, and Steve Cook, Transportation Planning and Operations, gave a comprehensive overview of Way to Go, the 2045 Regional Transportation Plan, Transportation Improvement Plan, and other activities.

Stragand, who manages the Way to Go program, talked about how the program works across the region as a partnership between DRCOG and seven transportation management associations in the region. Goals of Way to Go include reducing traffic congestion, improving air quality, and reducing single-occupant vehicle trips and vehicle miles traveled by 10 percent each by 2040.

Specific to Aurora, Cook noted recent DRCOG funded projects, including the 23rd Ave. Bicycle/Pedestrian Path, the Metro Center connection facilities, and Colfax Ave. bicycle/pedestrian project. In addition, Toll Gate Creek Trail and the Westerly Creek Connection are in progress.   DRCOG continues to explore emerging transportation trends and initiatives such as Mobility Choice Blueprint, CDOT’s Road-X, autonomous vehicles, connected vehicles, ride-hailing companies, package delivery methods, and improved human service transportation.

“Money to support all types of projects is always an issue,” said Cook. “But we continue to move forward and to best leverage the dollars we have and those we anticipate.”

Regarding Transportation issues in the Colorado State Legislature, Axiom Politics Legislative Director Melissa Nelson-Osse, and Legislative Advocate Michael Steppat talked about current and potential transportation bills.

To see a list of current bills in the Legislature that The Chamber is following, go to and click on “tracks bills” or the Colorado Capitol Watch icon.

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