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DRCOG and Bicycle Aurora Updates – Transportation / October 3, 2018

Ron Papsdorf, Director of Transportation Planning and Operations for the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG), gave an overview of
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Transportation Ballot Issues for November 6, 2018 – Transportation / September 5, 2018

Transportation funding is on the November 6 ballot, as Proposition 109 and 110; two very different approaches to funding transportation.
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Update about E-470 Highway Authority – Transportation / August 1, 2018

E-470 is a 47 mile, all-electronic toll road that can take travelers through eight jurisdictions. This user-financed toll road currently
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Planning and Projects in Arapahoe County, CO – Transportation / June 6, 2018

Bryan Weimer, transportation division manager for Arapahoe County began his June 6 presentation with a humorous tribute to George Peck,
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City of Centennial and Let’s Go, Colorado – Transportation / May 2, 2018

Travis Greiman, public works director at the City of Centennial gave an informative presentation, which included paving projects, the traffic
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Air Transportation in the Eastern Metro Area – Transportation / April 4, 2018

Renovation and innovation seem to be a theme of air transportation in the Eastern Metro Area, as presented at the
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Back to the Future: Rethinking Transportation in Colorado – Transportation / March 7, 2018

Carlos Hernandez, principal with Fox Tuttle Hernandez Transportation Group, provided a broad overview of transportation in Colorado: past, present, and
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Better Transportation, Better Colorado: DRCOG and Legislative Updates – Transportation / February 7, 2018

With continued economic growth and the growing population, Transportation has become a hot topic in Colorado. Granted that all of
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More about the R Line – Government Affairs, Education, and Energy / November 2, 2017

On November 2, the Government Affairs, Education, and Energy committee hosted Chuck Culig, R-Line project manager for RTD (Regional Transportation
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City of Aurora Public Works and Transportation – Transportation / December 6, 2017

At the December Transportation meeting, City of Aurora Transportation Projects Delivery Manager Cindy Colip gave an overview of infrastructure and
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