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City of Centennial and Let’s Go, Colorado – Transportation / May 2, 2018

Travis Greiman, public works director at the City of Centennial gave an informative presentation, which included paving projects, the traffic signal program, widening projects, Arapahoe Road improvements, and a variety of plans for future projects.

In all, the total cost of improvements Greiman talked about exceeds $100M. He concluded that although he was not aware of any ballot initiatives that would direct that kind of funding to Centennial, that he was “not alone in saying that Centennial has plenty of projects on which to spend additional transportation funding should it become available.”

Let’s Go, Colorado is a Statewide Coalition, with the mission of increasing awareness and finding solutions to transportation challenges in Colorado.

Campaign Manager Jake Martin shared statistics about the rising number of people living in the State and how that translates to increased miles traveled (e.g. 3.3 million people, 27.7 billion miles traveled in 1991 / 5.4 million people, 50.5 billion miles traveled in 2015), and how that then affects our roads and the cost of transportation.

At the time of the presentation, five initiatives had been filed including three sales tax only increases of varying amounts, and two options with sales tax and general fund transfers.

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