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Dealing with Difficult People – Women in Business and Young Professionals / May 22, 2018

Regional Director with Avitus Group, Mike Komola flew out to Colorado for a unique presentation on Dealing with Difficult People.  Mike talked about different types of people we encounter on a regular basis and how that can affect our day, work and personal experiences.  Some of the types of people described were: defensive, toxic negativity, apologizer, diverter, angry fighter, negotiator, harmonizer, abdicator, avoider and crier.  He emphasized good opened ended questions and active listening skills to get people to open up more and find the root of their problem.

As business owners, it is important to know how to deal with different types of people, because a bad reaction to a difficult person can have a negative effect. Komola gave helpful tips on how to be thankful.  Sometimes it is hard to see the positive when dealing with difficult people; however, he said thank difficult people for:

  1. Bringing the problem to your attention
  2. Their patience
  3. Their business
  4. Their humor or positive response
  5. Their willingness to resolve the situation

He ended on the note of practicing these skills and that the BEST relationships last. Be a listener, Empathize, Solve, and Thank.

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