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EAT * SIP * SCHOLARSHIP! at Taste of the Chamber – Young Professionals / September 27, 2018

Once again, The Young Professionals sold out the Wall of Wine at the Taste of the Chamber, raising money to
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The “Best Darn Networking” Workshop – Young Professionals / June 20, 2018

Nathan Hayes, Career Services Advisor with Colorado Technical University, led a workshop providing young professionals with tips on how to
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Dealing with Difficult People – Women in Business and Young Professionals / May 22, 2018

Regional Director with Avitus Group, Mike Komola flew out to Colorado for a unique presentation on Dealing with Difficult People. 
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Tour of Medicine Man and YP Social at Jim ‘N Nicks – Young Professionals / April 25, 2018

The Young Professionals committee was given an exclusive tour with Sally Vander Veer who oversees operations at Medicine Man Denver,
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Breaking Through Assumptions in the Workplace – Women in Business, Diversity and Inclusion Council, and Young Professionals / March 22, 2018

The Center for Relationship Education (CRE) hosted and provided lunch for the Women in Business Committee, Diversity and Inclusion Council
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Speed Networking Starts 2018 – Young Professionals / January 24, 2018

As in 2017, The Young Professionals kicked off 2018 with Speed Networking – with a completely packed room! Omada 7,
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Five-Year Anniversary! – Young Professionals / October 5, 2017

The Young Professionals celebrated their five-year anniversary in October, 2017. It was a special celebration hosted at Gameworks, at which
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Taste of the Chamber with the YPs – Young Professionals / September 28, 2017

The Young Professionals didn’t have a regularly-scheduled meeting in September, because of the preparation for the Taste of the Chamber
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What is Emotional Intelligence? – Young Professionals / August 16, 2016

In August, the  Young Professional committee talked about Emotional Intelligence (EQ). It dove into more than just emotions, but ways
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It’s Wine-thirty in Parker – Young Professionals / May 19, 2017

The May Young Professionals meeting was moved from May 17 to May 19, in order to partner with the Parker
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