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Show me the clients! – Diversity and Inclusion Council / Jan. 13, 2017

Donna Evans, President and CEO of Phenix Growth Partners, presented on “Show me the clients,” which focused on and gave tips about:

  1. The 5 major mistakes that stop entrepreneurs from finding clients
  2. The #1 reason entrepreneurs struggle to get clients
  3. A simple, no-fail, 3-step process for generating a lifetime of clients
  4. The best methods of attracting clients that are working, right now!
  5. How to take prospects from “mildly interested” to “wildly enthusiastic”
  6. Closing clients sweetly and easily
  7. How to tailor-make your own unique client generation system

    Donna Evans, CEO of Phenix Growth Partners

    Donna Evans, CEO of Phenix Growth Partners

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