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“Refugee 101” – Diversity and Inclusion Council / December 8, 2017

Aurora, Colorado has one of the largest populations of refugees and immigrants in the State and in the nation, and has many resources and opportunities available for this population – including the Asian Pacific Development Center (APDC).

In order to provide insight into the immigrant and refugee population, Executive Director of APDC Harry Budisidharta gave a Refugee 101 presentation to the Diversity and Inclusion Council on December 12.  He talked about who the refugees are, how they got to the U.S., and how many of them are resettled in Colorado.

Budisidharta also talked about myths, challenges, and hardships affecting this population, as well as some enlightening success stories. He offered examples of how to be more inclusive of refugees in the community, and shared opportunities to help such as “adopting” a family to help them with simple services and guidance in our city.

The presentation was well received, and generated many questions from the council.  Committee member Cindy Kreutz mentioned, “What a great topic. I am so glad I attended, because I learned so much!”

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