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On the move in Aurora – Transportation / Dec. 7, 2016

“I can’t remember, in my 32 years with the City of Aurora, ever having this much infrastructure going on!” said Dave Chambers, Director of Public Works for the City of Aurora.

Chambers and Mac Callison, Planning Supervisor with the City, presented a detailed update of facility and transportation projects to The Chamber’s Transportation committee on December 7, 2016.

“Public Safety is a priority, and there are numerous projects underway to improve Public Safety in Aurora including fencing and lighting at District 1 and 2, roof replacement at the Court and Detention Center, and health and safety-related remodels at 13 existing fire stations,” said Chambers.

Regarding Transportation-specific projects, Callison listed DRCOG TIP and City Funded Projects for bike/pedestrians.

DRCOG TIP Projects: 9 Mile Station Access; Metro Center Station Access; Toll Gate Creek Trail; Colfax Ave.; Fitzsimons Station – 23rd Ave.; Peoria Station Access; and Florida Ave. – Cross Town Connection.

City Funded Projects: Abilene St. and Potomac St.; Potomac St. Spine Connection; 2nd Ave.; and Montview Blvd.

“There are $17 million in projects currently underway,” said Chambers. “There’s just a lot going on to make the City of Aurora better and better.”


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