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Planning for the future of mobility in Metro Denver – Transportation / Feb. 1, 2017

“Alignment of public agencies, private sector involvement, and technology. Those are the key factors for the Mobility Choice Blueprint Initiative,” said Don Hunt, Managing Director for the Initiative, at the beginning of his Feb. 1 presentation to The Chamber’s Transportation committee. Mobility Choice is a nonprofit created by the Denver Metro Chamber, involving CDOT,  Regional Transportation District (RTD), and Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG), to plan for future workforce mobility needs while encouraging the adoption of new technologies.

“Mobility is a critical element in keeping Metro Denver economically healthy and competitive,” said Hunt. “By aligning the public agencies of RTD, DRCOG, and CDOT, we avoid stranded and separate investments, and leverage cross-functional technological advancements.” Private sector partners of the Initiative, The Gates Family Foundation and The Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation, benefit the Initiative by providing input into the study process, assisting with identifying pilot projects, and their ability to raise and collect private-sector funds.

“By aligning our public agencies, incorporating private sector involvement, and embracing technology, we can be ready for the future of mobility,” said Hunt.

The Mobility Choice Blueprint study is scheduled to begin summer of 2017, with completion in early 2018.

Hunt concluded his presentation with a quote from Pericles, 5th Century B.C. that certainly applies to the Initiative, “It is not our task to predict the future, but to be well prepared for it.”

More information about Mobility Choice Blueprint

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